Early History

The Wainright House is the oldest house in Farmingdale, New Jersey. Circa 1750. It was built by Robert Lippincott, a Shrewsbury Quaker. During this time, Farmingdale was part of Shrewsbury.

This property was later bought or given to Halsted Wainright. The Wainrights came from england to America in 1685. The name means Wheelmaker. Many generations of the Wainright family lived in this home. One established a coal and oil business that lasted for over 100 years. Other Wainrights became lawyers, undertakers and a mayor. All were prominent people of Monmouth County.

Recent History

The Restoration: In the Spring of 2012, the Wainright House was owned by the bank and stood vacant for four years. Many people thought it should be torn down! Virginia Woolley and her son John bought the house on July 1st, 2012. They immediately started restoring it, striving to maintain period correctness. In just six months, most of the work was complete. It is an ongoing project, which continues today.

There is a 4 minute video on YouTube.com which tells you a bit about Wainright House Museum. It can be seen on YouTube if you enter watch?v=O4V0HQmU.uQ into the search bar.